About Us

The journey of "Abhijit Trading Company Limited" is established in 1982. The company has incorporated on 03rd Dec, 1982 at the Kolkata and initially the company has started operation in the sale/purchase of equity shares in Kolkata. It has come a long way of remarkable growth of the company.

As on date, the Abhijit Trading Company Limited is a BSE listed public company based at New Delhi and duly managed by a strong team of professionals and experienced Board of Directors & promoters. The company is led by experienced Managing Director Mr. Virendra Jain, who has more than 25 years of experience in the banking & financial sector.

The Company is poised for rapid growth. Unique Experience and insight of its Management allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential. Growth and money cannot sustain an organization for as long as uniqueness and excellence can. Keeping this in mind Abhijit Trading Co. Limited delivers value and commitment based on highest professional standards. The Company utilizes structured finance products to provide cost-effective forms of financing that would not otherwise be readily available to clients, with an emphasis on providing long-term finance and trading solutions. The company has a wide Range of Products catering to different segments and meeting varied requirements of the customers.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

In this changing global scenario and transformation in the Indian economy, "ABHIJIT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED" has evolved the following future directions for itself :-


  • Be a successful Indian trading company, lean, flexible and capable of providing total integrated services to the customers in the changing environment.


  • Engage in trade with focus on quality services to customers and professional competences.
  • Develop new markets and products and expand business in Industrial Raw Materials, Commodities and Engineering Equipment and Projects.
  • Serve as effective instrument of public policy and social responsibility.


  • To focus on export of engineering projects and equipment especially from small and medium enterprises.
  • To trade internationally in commodities such as agricultural products, industrial raw materials, chemicals and Bullion.
  • To see new opportunities in the global and domestic market in order to sustain a reasonable rate of growth in business.

Line of Business :

Abhijit Trading Company Ltd. is engaged in sale/ purchase of trading of equity shares, investments and financial services.

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